Pile of Translucent Brush On Block powder next to pile of Touch of Tan Brush On Block.

Translucent or Touch of Tan?

BRUSH ON BLOCK® Broad Spectrum SPF30 Mineral Powder Translucent was created to work for all skin tones, light to dark. On the darkest skin, you may...

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BRUSH ON BLOCK® image inside of tanning bed

The Myth of the Base Tan

Heading to the beach with a light tan hoping to avoid burns and not look like the Snow-White of the beach is not uncommon. But though it may seem r...

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BRUSH ON BLOCK® Earth Day image

Earth Day is Turning 50!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the Earth Day Network is partnering with 50,000 organizations in 190 countries to make this E...

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