Brush On Block® mineral formula was designed to provide a better way to protect skin from the sun’s harsh rays. It’s a product that is easy-to-use and effective, without the greasy residue or skin irritation of standard sunblock lotions.

Brush On Block® products contain natural mineral powders and soothing botanicals to protect the skin from the sun.

Ingredients: Brush On Block® Mineral Powder Sunscreen

Brush On Block's renowned mineral powder sunscreen consists of the following active ingredients:

 Active Ingredients

  • Titanium Dioxide (8%)
  • Zinc Oxide (14%)
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The Benefits of Brush On Block's Formulation

At Brush On Block®, we created our natural mineral powder formula to bring you powerful sun protection without any of the hassle of regular sunscreen lotions. Our product delivers these great benefits due to its unique formulations:

  • No Parabens, PABA, or Phthalates
  • No Animal Testing
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Safe for Children
  • Not Irritating to Sensitive Skin
  • Resists Breakouts for Acne-Prone Skin
  • Safe for All Parts of the Body
  • Natural Botanicals Nourish the Skin
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    About Titanium Dioxide for Sunscreen

    Titanium Dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral compound that has been used as a pigment and opacifier in cosmetics for many years. Because of it’s high refractive index, titanium dioxide makes an excellent sunscreen ingredient, providing protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Titanium Dioxide does not clog pores or cause skin irritation, which make it an attractive ingredient for our natural mineral powder sunscreen.

    About Zinc Oxide for Sunscreen

    Zinc Oxide is a mineral compound that has a multitude of uses, but has been used as a medical salve since 500 B.C. It is also a common ingredient in cosmetics, where it is primarily used as a white pigment or as a sunscreen.

    For sunscreen applications, micronized zinc oxide provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays. When combined with titanium dioxide, the mineral pair provides excellent broad-spectrum sun protection by reflecting the sun’s rays off of the skin. It’s soothing properties combined with its high refractive index make zinc oxide an easy choice for Brush On Block’s mineral powder sunscreen.

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