Why Minerals?

They are safe. They are natural. They are non-toxic. Ours are non-nano sized. They work without needing to be absorbed into your skin. And best of all, they provide reliable sun protection with no harm to humans or ocean life.

You Deserve a Better Sunscreen™

One that won’t make your face white and shiny. One that won’t run into your eyes or make your sports grip slick. One that you can toss in your bag without worrying about spills. One that is easy to apply and won’t make your kids run away, is safe for reefs, children and sensitive skin, and strives to make the best choices for people and the environment. You deserve Brush On Block—because it truly is a better sunscreen.

Sunscreen Your Way™

Water-resistant, easy to reapply, broad spectrum without the mess of traditional sunscreens.

No more tears,

no more fuss.

Apply Brush On Block® sunscreen with ease. Say hello to chemical free sunscreen.

Brush On Block's natural and mild mineral sunscreen formula is safe to use on children 6 months and older. Change the way your family uses sunscreen.

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