Why Minerals?

They are safe. They are natural. They are non-toxic. Ours are non-nano sized. They work without needing to be absorbed into your skin. And best of all, they provide reliable sun protection with no harm to humans or ocean life.

You Deserve a Better Sunscreen™

We formulate cruelty-free mineral sun care products that are safe for people, oceans, animals and the environment with no chemical actives – never had them, never will. We make sunscreen so good you’ll want to wear it!

Sunscreen Your Way™

Because the most effective sunscreen is the one you will actually wear. We believe that sunscreen can become a simple every day habit with easy-to-use products for the whole family. Sunscreen your way with our mineral sunscreen powders, lotions, balm, and lip oils. Or mix it up and use them all!

Every Day Easy

Change the way your family uses sunscreen.

Natural and safe. Clean and kind. Say Hello to sunscreen with no chemical actives. Safe to use on children 6 months and older.

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