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Article: New Look, New Name, New Claim!

Sun Shine SPF 30 Protective Lip Oil in Fig

New Look, New Name, New Claim!

Those of you with eagle-eyes may have noticed a couple of changes to our Fig Protective Lip Oil!

First, it is sporting our updated logo, with the tapered sun rays. We love this clean-looking logo, that you have already seen on our Sheer Genius Mineral Sunscreen + Moisture SPF 50 and on many of our brushes. Over the next few months, this logo will gradually be appearing on more of our products.

Second, we have added a name to the product. Introducing, Sun Shine SPF 30 Protective Lip Oil! We thought this name was too cute to pass up.

And third, the SPF on the label is now SPF 30, and no longer SPF 32. Wait, what??? Did we change something? Is it not as good as it was?

Relax, the product inside is exactly the same – same ingredients and same level of protection. We just changed the SPF number that we claim on the label so that we can standardize the packaging when we send the lip oils to countries in Europe. The EU has a rule that SPF number claims must be multiples of 10 – so 20 is ok, but 25 is not. 30 is ok, but 32 is not. It should be noted that the FDA allows us to claim a lower SPF than what a product actually provides (it still provides 32, but says 30), but this does NOT work in the opposite direction. The FDA never allows you to claim a higher SPF than the product was tested to provide.

Coral and Nude Tint will be getting the same updates soon. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the refreshed look of Sun Shine SPF 30 Protective Lip Oils, with the same protection you’ve enjoyed since they were introduced.