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Article: Our Refreshed Brush Makes Its Debut!

Our Refreshed Brush Makes Its Debut!

Our Refreshed Brush Makes Its Debut!

Brush On Block's first product was our SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen in Translucent, and is still our most popular. But every so often, it's a good idea to refresh, so we've made a few updates to our brush. The powder inside hasn't changed -- it still packs the same broad spectrum SPF 30 protection, same 80-minute water resistance, still proudly manufactured in the USA!

Our mineral powder sunscreens have always come in a self-dispensing brush but there have been times when having the open/close located in the same place that you open the brush to attach a refill has been confusing for some. And we get it, if you skip over that “open” position, the refill cartridge just comes off, for some customers just wasn't intuitive.

The new, refreshed brush still opens and closes by twisting the portion of the brush that holds the powder, but it won’t twist any further, and there is a clear marker on the back, showing whether the brush is “open” or “closed.” The refill function is now completely separate from the open/close. To refill your brush, remove the cap at the very bottom of the brush, below the yellow “powder window” that helps you see that it is time for a refill!

Refilling the New Brush On Block brush

Refilling the Original Brush On Block brush

For now, you can simply pour a refill into the brush and re-cap it (tightly!). We do have a new type of refill undergoing testing right now, but until that is ready, our existing refills pour into the brush nicely. We recommend using a sharpie or sticker to put the batch code and expiration date from your refill on the brush so you’ll always be up-to-date.

If you aren’t sure which brush you have, you can easily tell by the logo on the brush. Our classic brush has a logo with multiple thin lines forming a sun shape. The refreshed logo has fewer and thicker shapes forming the sun, and the individual shapes are pointed towards the center of the sun, and wider at the outside. If you are still unsure, visit our How to Use page to see both versions together.

You can see How To Use videos for both here.

The new design is available now for the Translucent SPF 30 brush, while Touch of Tan and SPF 50 will be appearing in the new style brushes over the next several months.