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Article: Sunscreen Protects Skin from Aging

Brush On Block image of older couple riding bikes in the sun

Sunscreen Protects Skin from Aging

Aging women (and men) flock to the dermatologist every year in an attempt to turn back time. From Botox to surgical procedures, our society puts a lot of pressure on us to look young. Unfortunately, many of the procedures are costly, dangerous, and short-lived. So, what is the solution to aging skin? Sunscreen. If you apply it when you're young and continue to use it daily throughout the years, it will protect your skin from accelerated aging. 

Gone are the days of lathering up with baby oil to achieve a summer glow. Nowadays, people are smart about sun protection because evidence points to the damage it causes. From skin cancer to wrinkles, all skin tones are susceptible to potential problems from the sun. 

Luckily, sunscreen options have come a long way over the years. The greasy, sticky white lotions are no longer the preferred protection. Instead, mineral sunscreens are the protection of choice. Brush On Block is a mineral powder sunscreen that goes on flawlessly under or over makeup. As part of your daily routine, you can apply Brush On Block to your face, scalp, neck and chest to prevent sunburn. The portable brush is easy to throw in your bag or stick in your pocket for on-the-go applications and is safe for sensitive skin. 

You may not have protected your skin when you were younger, but it's not too late to start. Get in a good habit for yourself and start a lifelong habit for your children with Brush On Block. Sunscreen is really the only answer to prevent skin from aging, and Brush On Block is the best sunscreen for your face.