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Article: Brush On Block has a Mineral Powder Sunscreen for everyone!

Woman with two daughters applying Brush On Block sunscreen for Everyone

Brush On Block has a Mineral Powder Sunscreen for everyone!

Brush On Block began manufacturing and selling sunscreen about 11 years ago, with our hero product, our SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen. Since then, we've expanded to other forms of mineral sunscreens, and added a few powder ones as well, so how do you know which one is right for you? And why is it still our favorite form of sunscreen?

What is a mineral powder sunscreen?

The first word, “mineral” means that the active ingredients are minerals--titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These ingredients are used instead of chemical sunscreen actives like oxybenzone, octinoxate and avobenzone, which can be harmful to ocean life and may cause hormone disruption in humans.

“Powder” means the minerals and other ingredients have been crushed to a powder and are housed in a self-dispensing powder brush. This format of sunscreen is more familiar to women than men, as many cosmetic items come in similar form. But powders are not just for women. Their non-greasy feel and adherence to the skin make them ideal for anyone with oily skin or people who just don’t like the greasy feel of traditional lotions or creams. They are TSA-friendly, and easy to carry without fear of liquid leaks!

"Sunscreen” is pretty self-explanatory, it protects your skin from sunburn and photo-aging caused by UV rays. But did you know that ALL sunscreens must be reapplied every 2 hours (more frequently if swimming or sweating) and that SPF 50 only protects from 1.3% more UV rays than SPF 30?

Reasons to choose Brush On Block Mineral Powder Sunscreen

Water Resistant 80 minutes – No sunscreen is waterproof, but FDA testing has shown our sunscreen powders maintain the SPF claim over 80 minutes of being in water or sweating. However, if you towel off, you need to reapply sunscreen immediately.

Non-nano ingredients – Brush On Block powders do not contain nano particles. This is important because it means the sunscreen cannot be absorbed by the body--especially important because mineral sunscreens need to sit on the surface of the skin to be effective. The other great thing about no nano particles is that it is safer for coral reefs. 

PETA certified – If you love animals, you’ll be happy to know that we use no animal-derived ingredients, and have been certified to be cruelty-free and animal-testing free by PETA, the experts on protecting animals.

Sunscreens proudly manufactured in the USA – We are proud to find and partner with the best packaging and component manufacturers domestically and abroad,  but ALL of the sunscreens inside those packages are made in US facilities that undergo regular FDA inspection, so you can trust that everything on our labels has been vetted and is following FDA protocols for both manufacturing and testing.

Open/Close Brush – If you have ever used a less expensive brand of mineral powder sunscreen, you may have noticed quite a bit of “transfer” from the brush into the cap when you carry your sunscreen with you. Aside from the wasted powder, that isn’t horrible…until the cap falls off in your bag, leaving everything important coated with powder sunscreen! Brush On Block has an open/close mechanism (twist the part that says the SPF to the left to open, twist back to the right to close) that keeps the powder flowing only when you want it to.

Broad Spectrum ProtectionUVA and UVB protection means that you are protected from sunburn in the summer (or whenever the UV Index is high), but also from visible signs of aging year-round. UVA (aging) rays reach the ground all year, and even on overcast days, so if your youthful appearance matters to you, broad spectrum is the way to go.

Thoroughly Tested in the USA - Sunscreen is considered an over-the-counter drug in the US, which means that the FDA regulates the manufacturing, testing and marketing. We have all of our sunscreens tested in third-party, US testing labs using FDA protocols. That means that if you follow the directions for use, you will get the protection on the label, and that you know the products meet the standards set for OTC products. If you are careful to purchase food, supplements and over-the-counter remedies that are made and tested in the US, you might want to consider the same for your sunscreen.

Which Brush On Block Mineral Powder Sunscreen is best for me?

Brush On Block SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen - Translucent is made for anyone who believes the doctors when they say to wear SPF 30 every day. Why? Because we make it easy to apply and reapply, even if you wear makeup. Because it slips easily into a pocket, handbag or backpack, you never need to be without your sunscreen. Just buff it on for 45-60 seconds, and you’re good until time to reapply. If you golf, bike or play a racquet sport, you never need to worry about a greasy, slippery grip again, because your hands stay perfectly clean with Brush On Block. And if you have oily or acne-prone skin, Brush On Block helps absorb excess oil as well as keeping you protected from UV rays. This formula is excellent for men, women and children, just as we originally intended!

Brush On Block SPF 50 Mineral Powder Sunscreen is ideal for anyone who has very fair skin, burns very easily or has a history (self or family) of skin cancer. If you are spending the day on the beach, it might be wise to up your protection to SPF 50, especially if you are near the equator. If you are at a higher elevation or on water or snow, SPF 50 is the way to go. Most people are great with SPF 30 for daily wear, SPF 50 is for the times you need more!

Brush On Block SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen – Touch of Tan – Are you great about keeping your face protected from UV, but miss having a little tan? Touch of Tan gives you that hint of warmth that you used to get from the sun, without any of the accompanying sun damage! It is not meant for darker skin tones, although it may work for some; it is mostly intended as a subtle bronzer for those on the lighter end of the skin tone spectrum.

BOB KIDS SPF 30 Brush On Mineral Powder Sunscreen – The soft, fluffy purple brush and bright fun colors clearly mark BOB KIDS as a product for children. (Although who doesn’t love a purple brush?) The shorter, chubbier shape of the brush makes it easy for kids to hold, but parents should always apply to their children until they are convinced that the child can do a thorough job. What’s thorough? Buffing each half of the face for about the time that it takes to sing two verses of Baby Shark (15 seconds) and not missing any spots! Buffing in a circular motion is what helps the powder stay on the skin so well, making it very important to teach your children well. BOB KIDS is not refillable, as we wanted to avoid any accidental openings and spills.

What are you waiting for?

Get started enjoying the benefits of mineral powder sunscreen today! Questions about Brush On Block? Email us at, we are happy to help!