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Article: 5 Fresh Tips for Achieving a Flawless Face

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5 Fresh Tips for Achieving a Flawless Face

Let’s face it, we’ve all peered in the mirror and pinpointed things we wish we could fix. Some things we’re stuck with, like Mom’s hips and Dad’s lanky build, but other things we can change (Note: This is not a plug for plastic surgery!).

Taking care of your face is one of the best ways to feel more positive about your appearance. Best of all, it’s super simple. These 5 tips will get you on your way to a more flawless face:
1. Get to know your skin.
Is your skin combination, dry, sensitive, mature, or oily? Knowing your facial skin type will help you find the right moisturizer and makeup for your face—not the one you wish you had. Check product labels for ingredients before you buy them.
2. Keep it hydrated.
Moisturizer is essential for every skin type, even oily skin. Health experts say moisturizer doesn’t just prevent dry skin, but tones, improves texture, and covers flaws. For oily skin, experts recommend applying a water-based moisturizer. On the flip side, if your skin is like the Sahara Desert go for a petroleum-based moisturizer.
3. Don’t get burned by your makeup.
Relying on the SPF in your powder and foundation to protect your skin won’t cut it, according to skin experts. That’s why dermatologists say applying sunscreen before you apply makeup is a must. Look for mineral-based sunscreens, like Brush On Block®, that go on smoothly and are easy to apply. Its self-dispensing brush makes applying the mineral SPF 30 sunscreen a breeze. Plus, you can slip it in your purse for easy reapplication!
4. Get back to the (makeup) basics.
How can simplifying your makeup routine help you achieve a flawless face? By keeping it uncomplicated, you’re more likely to actually do it! Stick to essentials like powder, concealer, blush, eye shadow, lip balm, and mascara.
5. Remove makeup before you hit the sack.
We’ve all been guilty of going to bed still wearing makeup. However if it’s a habit instead of an occasional slip-up, it could be getting in the way of a flawless face. Dermatologists say wearing your makeup to bed can lead to clogged pores, acne, and even premature skin aging. Yikes!