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Article: Do you need SPF indoors? In the car?

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Do you need SPF indoors? In the car?

It may seem counterintuitive, you won't necessarily feel like you’re in direct sunlight when you are sitting in a sunny room or your car, so it may feel as though sunscreen isn’t necessary. However, in many cases it still is. Any time you’re by windows or exposed to blue light, you’ll still want sunscreen to protect you. You don’t have to lather up like you’re going to the beach, but a light layer to shield you should do the trick.

You may have heard you still need to wear sunscreen when it’s cloudy, and the same goes for when you’re in the car, no matter the weather. The UV rays penetrate both the cloud cover and the glass windows so you should still get your face and arms with BRUSH ON BLOCK® SPF 30 before hopping in the car. Especially if you’ll be in the car for a while (rush hour traffic or road trips) and when it’s nice out.

Even more surprising for some is that there are instances in which you should wear sunscreen even when you’re inside. If you work or spend time near windows, you should still be wearing sunscreen, for the same reason you would in the car. Additionally, when exposed to blue light (working on your computer or phone), sunscreen is also important. Try the Brush On Block Protective Lip Oil for when you’ll be working close to your screen.

Do you need to replenish your sunscreen throughout the day while indoors? If you’re going outside, certainly. Taking a lunch break outside, walking to get a coffee, and before you head home are all good times to touch up your sunscreen. And don’t forget that the afternoon rays are the strongest.