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Article: Protect your Lips with Fresh Color

BRUSH ON BLOCK® Protective Lip OIls in Nude Tint, Coral and Fig

Protect your Lips with Fresh Color

Do you love Brush On Block’s Protective Lip Oil SPF 32? You aren’t alone! Here are some things our customers have said about it over the past year since it launched:

-Everything I hoped it to be and the color is beautiful. I've been waiting to find a product like this my entire adult life. I'll be ordering more.   --Sara F

-LOVE this product!! I can wear it alone or under my favourite lip colour! Love the feel of it and goes on really easily. Knowing that it’s protecting my lips and its ingredients are healthy is the best part! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a superior lip product!   --Cynthia M.

-Lip oil has a good texture. It’s smooth and light, not goopy. Lips feel hydrated. Color is natural and protection a welcome bonus.  --Kelly M.

-Love this product. Please make in other colors.  --Pam S.

Wait, what’s that, Pam S.? Other colors? If we did that, wouldn’t people think of it as more of a “makeup” than a “sunscreen?” But people need to wear sunscreen when they are wearing makeup. So here you go, Pam S!

Announcing two new shades of Brush On Block Protective Lip Oil SPF 32…Coral and Fig!

These new shades are so fun, we just know you’re going to love them. And just like their older sister, our original Nude Tint shade, they are made with rich emollients to replenish and soothe, antioxidants to protect delicate skin form the environment, and natural mineral sunscreen actives to provide broad-spectrum SPF 32 protection. You’ll never find questionable chemical sunscreen actives in Brush On Block products.

Coral is, well…coral-colored! A perfect mix of warm and cool, with a bit of brightness that makes it look like summer in a bottle. Do you think you can’t wear corals? Think again. Every person we have tried this shade on looks absolutely beautiful in it! Step out of your lip color box and give it a try.

Fig is a mauvy-rose. We don’t need to convince you to try Fig, because you probably already want to. It is the perfect shade--not too light, not too dark. It is your new best friend.

These shades join Nude Tint, our “your lips but protected” shade that can be worn on its own for a subtle hint of color, or over your favorite lip color to add protection to something you already love.

But speaking of wearing over a lip color…there’s something else to announce…introducing Perfect Pencil, our new lip liner!

When you are wearing a lip oil, it is quick and easy to apply, but some people appreciate a more “finished” look. We thought you might find a soft, smooth lip liner to be a handy addition to your makeup bag. We named the shade “Perfect,” because it goes perfectly with all three shades of Protective Lip Oil. It is a mid-toned rose whose pigments come entirely from minerals. The moisture-rich oils and butters in the formula make it creamy and easy to apply. Please note that the lip pencil does not offer any sun protection, but is simply to define your lip shape.