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Article: Convenient Things to Keep in Your Car

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Convenient Things to Keep in Your Car

Here are some of the best items you can keep in your car to be prepared for whatever situation or curveball life throws at you.

Granola bars. Everyone has days when you’re on the go and it feels like you don’t have time to catch your breath, let alone to stop and eat. Keeping granola bars in your car is a quick solution to ward off hunger pains, so you can keep powering through your day. Like Snickers says, “you’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Emergency money. We recommend storing $20 in the back of your glove box. You never know when you’ll forget your credit card or arrive at a place that takes cash only.

Phone charger. Car chargers are great, but many of them turn off when your car is off, which can put you in a tough position if your car breaks down and your phone is dead. Simple solution: invest in a portable charger. For as little as just $6, this tiny gadget will revive your phone battery in a pinch.

Jumper cables and a flashlight. Do you know what’s worse than your car engine dying? Your car engine dying when it’s nighttime and completely dark outside. Keeping jumper cables and a flashlight in your trunk will insure that you’re prepared to revive your car battery at any time of day.

Tissues. This one speaks for itself; no one likes a runny nose. In addition to this, a tissue can serve as a napkin or paper towel if you’re in a pinch.

Gum. Garlic, onions, coffee… what do these all have in common? They make your breath stink! Stashing a pack of gum in your car guarantees that your breath is minty fresh, so whoever you’re talking to doesn’t have to know what your last meal was.

First Aid kit. Life happens, and sometimes things don’t go as planned. To ensure your safety and the safety of others, keep a first aid kit in your car. Depending on which one you buy, it can contain a plethora of helpful items ranging from band-aids and Neosporin, to deodorant and floss.

Sunglasses. We’ve all made that uncomfortable, scrunched up, squinty eyed face when we’re driving toward the bright sun that’s just rising or setting on the horizon. Sometimes it seems like not even your sun visor can help you. This is why keeping a pair of sunglasses in your car is so important. It ensures better visibility, so you can do less squinting and more driving.

Water bottle. Aside from making sure you stay hydrated throughout the day, keeping a full water bottle in your car can help cool your radiator down if it overheats.

Blanket or spare jacket. It’s easy to underestimate the weather until you’re actually forced to actually endure it. Keep an extra layer of warmth in your car, so next time you’re at an outdoor concert or sporting event, your teeth won’t be chattering.

Pencil and paper. No one likes to think about car accidents, but accidents happen, and on the off chance that you back into someone’s car in the parking lot or hit someone’s mirror it’s good to be prepared. If the owner of the car isn’t present and you don’t have time to wait around, you’ll need to be able to leave your contact information for him or her so you don’t get charged with a hit and run.

Hand sanitizer. Even if you’re not a germaphobe, hand sanitizer is a great way to lower your odds of getting sick during cold and flu season. It’s also a quick and convenient way to clean your hands if you have to touch something dirty or sticky.

Brush On Block. Did you know you can get sunburned while sitting in your car, even if the window is rolled up? And what happens if you decide to have a spontaneous beach day or go on a hike? Keeping Brush On Block in your car ensures that you won’t have to worry about harmful UV rays or painful sunburns.

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