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Article: How to Prepare for a Fun Summer Beach Day

Woman at Beach Using Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen

How to Prepare for a Fun Summer Beach Day

It is here! Summer is finally here. As you shed your layers and hit the beach, you need to make sure you are prepared for a fun-filled summer day. You will need all of the essentials to have a blast outside and last all day long!

  1. Bring a Water Bottle

At some point in the middle of your fun, sunny day you will need to rehydrate. Hydration is the key to lasting all day at the beach of in the sun. A water bottle is a MUST if you want to have a great day.

  1. Sunscreen

Before you expose yourself to the treacherous summer sun, you want your skin protected from harsh UVA and UVB sun rays. You will need a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF and is easy to apply. We recommend our Brush On Block mineral sunscreen, it is easy to use and easy to apply. It isn’t like your other greasy sunscreens that are a hassle. For more information on our Brush On Block sunscreen, visit our website!


  1. Pack a Snack

Sometimes when you are outside at the beach all day you can forget to eat! This goes hand in hand with hydration, a nice granola bar or even some goldfish are necessary to keep you energized and moving all day.

  1. Camera

If you didn’t take pictures at your amazing day at the beach, did you really even go? Pictures are a must if you want to capture all the hilarious moments or amazing sand castles you and your friends create. Your photos will make for a great photo album!

  1. Bring a Towel and an Umbrella

At some point in the day, whether you were in the water all afternoon, or catching up with your tan, you will want to cool off with a towel under an umbrella. You can relax and enjoy your beach surroundings and listen to some good music.

  1. Music

Whether you bring your ipod and headphones and a large boombox, music is a must have tool to have fun at the beach. You and your friends can sing along to your favorite songs.

Whether you are looking to have a crazy social beach day or just wanting to relax and lay out, you will need all off these summer essentials to prepare! Summer is the best time of the year and a great opportunity to travel to the beach and hang out with your friends all day!