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Article: The Myth of the Base Tan

BRUSH ON BLOCK® image inside of tanning bed

The Myth of the Base Tan

Heading to the beach with a light tan hoping to avoid burns and not look like the Snow-White of the beach is not uncommon. But though it may seem reasonable, the base tan is a myth. People resort to the base tan to feel protected from the sun without the need for SPF, and because they want to look gorgeously bronzed. It is usually achieved through indoor tanning, such as tanning beds. What most fail to understand, however, is that a base tan only provides an SPF of 3. This is not enough for the skin to not be prone to sunburn.

The earlier someone starts tanning, the higher the risk of lifetime skin damage and skin cancer. People who begin tanning at a younger age have a higher chance of melanoma. Tanning without sunscreen can cause damage such as aging, wrinkles, and dark spots. Once this damage has been done, it's irreversible. Due to this unnecessary risk, 42 states require parental consent for teenagers to use tanning beds, a huge jump from only 5 states in 2009. No matter what age group though, those with pale skin are especially susceptible to skin cancer due to tanning, but it is important to note that any unprotected sun exposure without SPF is damaging to anyone.

Some believe, controversially, that tanning helps in the production of Vitamin D. Even though the sun does provide this, the other risks associated with it are a lot worse than this small health benefit. In fact, Vitamin D can easily be taken as a supplement, making the potential benefits not worth their risks. 

Instead of damaging your skin in a misguided attempt to prepare it for vacation, it’s important to use an SPF 30 plus, Remember, not all sunscreens are alike, not all filter both UVA and UVB rays. We recommend our BRUSH ON BLOCK® products as they are broad-spectrum, protecting from both UVA and UVB filters. We also only use natural ingredients, eliminating the fears and concerns of harsh chemicals. With the water-resistant mineral powder product, users can enjoy their vacation without feeling oily or greasy. Large tubes of sunscreen can be inconvenient to carry and take up space. Our lightweight brush is small enough to fit in any bag and leave plenty of room. Save your skin next time you plan an island getaway, because no one wants to deal with a painful and blistering sunburn while on vacation.