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Article: Why Wear Sunscreen On A Cloudy Day

BRUSH ON BLOCK® outdoors on a cloudy day

Why Wear Sunscreen On A Cloudy Day

You're getting ready for your day, and as you finish your makeup, you reach for your trusty BRUSH ON BLOCK® SPF 30 to set your makeup and protect your skin. But then you glance out the window and see that it is overcast. Why bother, you that sunscreen for a day when you NEED it. Not so fast! Even though the sun doesn’t appear to be shining, the Skin Cancer Foundation(SCF) notes that 80% of UV rays are shining past clouds and even through the glass windows in your home or car. So everyone is at risk for sun exposure during Fall and Winter, even if you are just sitting inside soaking up a little sun by the window. Perhaps more importantly, the rays that do get through are mostly UVA rays, the ones that don't burn, but do cause visible signs of aging.

So what can you do? Many doctors recommend SPF 30 for daily wear, regardless of the time of year. Those who use sunscreen daily are 40% less likely to develop skin cancer according to SCF and will avoid an incredible amount of sun damage that is invisible at first, but later shows up as dark spots and wrinkles. 

Remember that by using sun protection, you’re protecting your skin from discoloration, aging, severe damage and even skin cancer. So take care of your body and make sunscreen a daily habit, even when the sun isn’t shining. Or as Brush On Block founder Andrea Wetsel likes to say, "wash your face, brush your teeth, Brush On Block!"