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Article: 5 Ways Exercise Makes You Gorgeous

5 Ways Exercise Makes You Gorgeous

5 Ways Exercise Makes You Gorgeous

Most people work out to shed pounds or build muscle, but another benefit to exercise is the healthy glow you reap from sweating it out or pushing your limits. The rewards of exercise extend far beyond the body and those that partake know the beauty benefit that comes with working out. Here are 5 ways that exercise makes you gorgeous.

  1. Radiant skin — When you work up a sweat, pores dilate and trapped dirt and oils can escape, naturally detoxing your skin. It's like getting a mini facial without going to a costly spa. Sweating also helps reduce inflammation, regulates hormones and prevents free-radical damage, all contributing to a gorgeous glow.
  2. More self-confidence — Even if it takes a lot of convincing to get to the gym, you always feel better after you go. That's because exercise makes you feel better about your self-worth and physical condition. When you have a healthier self-esteem, you feel and look better in your own skin.
  3. Better posture — Activities that strengthen and stretch your muscles like yoga and pilates can correct bad posture and even add height. When you work to bring muscles back into balance, your back will lengthen and your posture will improve. When you stand taller, with your head up high, you look more confident.
  4. Better sleep — Getting a good night's sleep will certainly leave you looking more refreshed in the morning. After exercise, your body releases cortisol to help you sleep more soundly and repair tissue that helps you feel and look great. 
  5. A boost in hormones — When you exercise, your body's hormones get a boost, which can improve the appearance of your hair, skin and muscle tone. So, getting fit will not only make your look sexy, but you will feel sexy, too. 

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