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Article: Hot Tips for Your Skincare this Summer

brush on block image of woman on beach in bathing suit and big hat

Hot Tips for Your Skincare this Summer

To keep your skin looking its best during the hot and humid days of summer, think protection, prevention, and hydration. Your skin is your largest organ and takes a lot of abuse from the sun's harsh rays. Here are some hot tips for your skincare this summer.

  • Switch to a lightweight tinted moisturizer in lieu of foundation that can feel too heavy on hot days. Use a bronzer for a hint of color without exposing your face to the sun.
  • Wear a large-brimmed hat when you plan to spend a lot of time in direct sunlight.  
  • Apply sunscreen all over your body before you head outdoors and give it at least 15 minutes to sink in. Apply a mineral sunscreen like Brush On Block to your face for easy application and instant coverage.
  • Prevent breakouts by looking for oil-free sunscreens that absorb easily into the skin, and be sure to cleanse your skin every morning and evening.
  • Use a face cloth soaked in cold water to calm redness from a sunburn, or take a cold shower to cool off.
  • Use a dark spot corrector or fading cream at night to reverse melasma on the skin. This will make skin sensitive to the sun, so keep your face protected during the day.
  • Exfoliate an extra day each week during the summer to slough off dead skin. Pores can also get clogged from oily skin and products, so exfoliating will help.
  • Spray your scalp along your part and the sensitive skin along your hairline with a sunscreen spray to avoid burning in these areas.
  • Keep your lips luscious and shielded from the sun with an SPF lip balm.
  • Bring along a facial mist and apply to your skin to keep it hydrated on the outside.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself feeling and looking your best.

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