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Article: 5 Totally Bizarre Facials

Brush On Block image of woman getting facial

5 Totally Bizarre Facials

Is beauty really only skin deep? Well, that depends on whose skin you’re talking about.

Sadly, millions of Americans are paying the price now because of their efforts trying to achieve the perfect tan decades ago. Our skin has a memory, and those of us who spent our teen years slathering on the baby oil are now sporting wrinkles and age spots which make us look decades older.

It’s important to start protecting skin from the sun now, on a daily basis, to avoid further aging (more on that later). But what about the damage already done?

Many women turn to a facial to try and turn back the hands of time. And if you thought a facial simply meant you leaned back in a chair while an esthetician scrubbed away, here’s an about-face. Check out some of the intriguing trends within the facial industry.

1. Snail facial.

Think snails are only good for the garden or served as an amuse-bouche? Well, a spa in Tokyo claims that the slime left behind by snails slowly crawling on your face can treat dry skin and soothe sunburn. That’s right—the little critters are placed on your face to move around at a snail’s pace. Guaranteed to make anyone go buggy.

2. Gemstone facial.

Thought those gorgeous rubies and sapphires only belonged on your hands or neck? Well, think a few inches higher—they can apparently also do wonders for your face. Gemstone facials, a hot trend seen in luxury spas around the world, will use ground up pearls, diamonds, emeralds and more to achieve a look that’s simply bedazzling.

The concept behind the facials is that gemstones and minerals each have unique healing powers associated with specific energies they possess. These stones are usually ground into a powder and mixed with vitamin-rich oils, then placed on corresponding chakras on your face. Said to encourage circulation and improve skin texture and tone, the facial is said to also have a healing effect on the entire body.

3. Vampire facelift.

When Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture of her famous mug speckled with blood last year, it wasn’t the result of a disgruntled Kardashian-hater popping her in the nose. She underwent a Vampire Facelift, and it sparked plenty of bloody good conversation. This procedure involves drawing the patient’s own blood, enriching it with platelets, then injecting it back into the face. People say the results are smoother, healthier skin. 

4. Bee Venom facial.

There’s no doubt that Princess Kate is viewed as one of the most beautiful women in the world. So when it’s rumored that she uses a product, people take notice. Around the time of her wedding, the buzz was that she was using bee venom on her famous face. Said to simulate the effects of a bee sting (sans the pain, of course), bee venom is used to plump skin by making it think it’s been stung. That way, blood is directed to the area and the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated.

5. The Bird Poop facial.

Bird feces for fabulous skin? Believe it or not, this is an actual facial, often alternately called a Geisha Facial. The ingredient of powdered nightingale droppings is said to have been a secret of those refined Japanese female entertainers and is reportedly leaves women (and men) with lustrous, glowing skin. The enzymes break down dead skin, helpful for those who have sun damage, leaving an even complexion.

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