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Article: Fantastic Foods for Boosting Your Skin's SPF

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Fantastic Foods for Boosting Your Skin's SPF

Whether you believe it not, numerous studies across the globe have shown that you can actually boost your skin’s natural SPF by eating certain foods.

While you should continue to use sunscreen if you plan on being outdoors for extended periods of time, you can aid the prevention of sun damage by incorporating some of these delicious SPF-boosting foods into your diet.

Berries and watermelon. It’s no coincidence that these lycopene-rich foods are most ripe during the summer. Lycopene is a natural antioxidant that flushes out the free radicals that causes our skin to appear wrinkled and aged. So before you head out the door and catch some rays, chase your coffee and eggs with some watermelon, blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries for some natural skin protection.

Tomato paste. According to a 2008 study at the University of Newcastle, participants who ate a daily dose of 55 grams of tomato paste experienced 33% less sunburn than those who didn’t. While adding tomatoes to your salad will slightly increase your lycopene intake, scarfing down a couple spoonfuls of tomato concentrate (aka tomato paste) after breakfast is like adding a layer of sunscreen without using that icky lotion.

Foods rich in omega 3’s, like salmon, flaxseed, and walnuts do wonders for building up your skin’s natural sunscreen abilities, and help reduce the formation of wrinkles.  In a nutshell (pun totally intended), omega 3’s are to your skin cells what spinach is to Popeye. Speaking of spinach…

Dark greens, like spinach and kale are vitamin powerhouses, loaded in vitamins A, B C, E, and K. For sun protection, vitamin B is the star of the show, while vitamin C works on the back end with repair and regeneration of skin cells.

Sweet potatoes and carrots. They’re loaded in beta-carotene, the orange brother of lycopene. Eating a few servings of sweet potatoes and carrots daily can actually give your skin a somewhat darker tint, helping to protect skin cells from harmful UV rays.

Remember, even if you eat these foods, you should continue to use sunblock when you’re outside for long periods of time. Think of these foods as your sunblock’s sidekick.

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If you have any questions or comments about Brush On Block or foods that build your SPF, feel free to post in the provided space below.