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Article: 5 Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Spring Fun

Brush On Block image of family of four enjoying outdoors

5 Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Spring Fun

It’s time to trade in your jackets for t-shirts, sweats for shorts and TV time for the great outdoors. After an endless winter, spring is finally here, and what better way to celebrate sunny skies and refreshing breezes than outdoor fun with your family? Here we’ve listed five great ways to embrace spring that your whole family will enjoy!

1. Take a weekend trip. You summer vacation may still be weeks or months away, but the brilliant sunshine has you itching to just get in your car and go. Plan a weekend trip to a state park or the nearest city and enjoy a variety of great activities from camping and hiking to a city bike-tour or carefree sightseeing without the crowds!
2. Pack a picnic. Mix up your routine by exchanging your sit-down family dinner for an outdoor picnic. Make your favorite summer salad, put together some sandwiches and check your farmers market for fresh fruit and vegetables for a delicious dinner your family will love!
3. Plant something. Nothing says spring like a little amateur gardening. Whether you have a masterful green thumb or the talent to kill a cactus, planting make you feel like spring is truly here! If you’re an old pro, break out your tiller and prep your garden; if you’re a newbie, try a small flower box filled with spring perennials.
4. Plan a pick-up game. Get your whole neighborhood involved by planning a pick-up game. Slow-pitch softball, kickball or ultimate Frisbee—no matter what your fitness level is, you can enjoy a friendly game with your friends and family.
5. Ditch the gym—exercise outdoors! Ditch the treadmill and turn any park into your personal gym. You can take the whole family for an afternoon of running, biking or walking. If you’re looking to relax, grab your mat and have a serene yoga session in your back yard with nature’s soundtrack for company.
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