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Article: Chlorine and Salt: How the Ocean and the Pool Affect Your Skin

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Chlorine and Salt: How the Ocean and the Pool Affect Your Skin

We are conditioned to care for our skin during a day at the pool or by the ocean by applying and reapplying sunscreen every hour, wearing a hat and sunglasses and limiting our time outdoors. But what about factors other than the sun that could be damaging your skin?

Take a look at how salt water and chlorine affect your skin and how to care for skin so you can maximize your fun in the sun!
Saltwater itself is not bad for your skin, but constant exposure to a combination of salt, sun and sand can irritate and dry out skin, especially for those with a history of dry skin or other issues like eczema.
After a day in the ocean or lying on the beach, be sure to rinse off all sand and salt in the shower (TIP: you can get sand off easily by applying baby powder!). Then, be sure to apply a rich moisturizer to keep your skin from getting too dry. You may have to purchase a stronger moisturizer than the one you use on a daily basis. If you develop a skin rash, you may want to take a few days off from getting in the ocean and stay indoors until it clears up.
The good news is, a little bit of dryness from the beach can actually clear up breakouts and blemishes caused by oil. Saltwater also helps fight infections, draw out unwanted oil and destroy infected cells. Not only does salt draw out toxins, it also cleans skin and gets rid of dead skin cells, leaving your skin with a healthy glow. Think of your week at the beach as a much-needed exfoliation!
Like salt, chlorine might actually break up and destroy any pollutants or oils hiding deep in your pores. However, entering into a pool with a high level of chlorine or repeated exposure may cause skin irritation and even rash.
Constant exposure to chlorine (like if you have a home pool that you swim in regularly) may be harmful over time. It can damage your skin and cause premature signs of aging. Treat dry skin with a generous amount of moisturizer, and, if necessary, invest in a chlorine-blocking lotion that you can purchase at most drug stores. If your dry skin becomes overwhelming, try taking an oatmeal bath.
From everyone here at Brush On Block®, have a safe and happy summer!