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How to Use Brush On Block®

Brush On Block Diagram

Get to know your brush!

  • Cap - keeps your bristles clean when not in use
  • Slider - slides up over bristles to allow cap to go on
  • Brush Head - powder dispenses through the middle
  • Brush Body - powder flows from the refill cartridge to the brush head through this section
  • Refill Cartridge - removes to refill or replace, but also a partial twist puts the brush in the “open” position
  • Bottom of the brush - underneath this area is where you will find batch and expiration information

Directions for use

The Refill Cartridge portion of your brush turns to the right (about ¼ turn) to the open position. Powder will not dispense initially if you do not put the brush in this position.

Turning the Refill Cartridge past the “click” of the open position results in the cartridge coming apart from the Brush Body. This is how you refill your brush.

Before you put your Brush On Block in the “open” position, be sure the powder cartridge is tightly attached by turning it to the right as far as it will go. Sometimes, when your brush is new, it helps to go back and forth between the open and closed positions a few times, to make sure you feel the click.

The first time you use your brush, it helps to “prime” the brush, or fill up the tube inside the brush body with powder before using. This tube has never had powder in it before, so until it is filled, you may experience uneven powder flow.

To prime the brush, make sure it is in the open position, but keep the cap on. Turn it upside down and tap it on a table a few times. Then, remove the cap, slide down the slider and give the brush a big flick of your wrist (as if you were shaking water off of your hands, or shaking down a mercury thermometer). At this point, you should see a little powder appear at the tips of the bristles, or maybe a tiny bit float into the air.

Do not worry that you don’t see a lot of powder come out…powder in the air is powder wasted. Most of the powder will stay inside the bristles, where it will be applied directly to your face, when you put it on by buffing in circles.

Once you have primed your brush, you can flick more gently to keep powder moving to the bristles. Tap the brush on your wrist, or give a gentle flick just to be sure you have a fully loaded brush.

Apply liberally to face, neck, chest, arms and hands. To be sure you are applying enough to achieve SPF 30 coverage, divide your face in to three areas…each cheek area and the T-zone. Spend 15 seconds buffing each area. Then devote an equal amount of time to any other areas you want to protect…back of neck (don’t forget ears!), chest and neck, hands and forearms. You can also apply to part of your hair, and 15 seconds may be a little long for that! For smaller areas around the eye and nose, you can slide the yellow sleeve up partway for more precise application.

Turn the cartridge to the right to the “closed” position and slide the yellow sleeve up over the brush bristles. Replace the cap when not in use.

Reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours when outdoors, and every 80 minutes if swimming or sweating. Reapply immediately after toweling off.

How to refill your brush

How to refill the original Brush On Block brush

How to wash your brush

You can CLEAN your brush between washings by spraying a tissue with a makeup brush cleaner and wiping the bristles across the tissue.

To WASH or REFILL the brush, simply remove the bottom cartridge by twisting continuously to the left )past the “open” position).

Holding the brush horizontally under running water, apply a small amount of shampoo or gentle soap in your hand and rub the brush bristles gently into the soap.

Rinse brush horizontally under running water.

Squeeze brush to remove excess water and allow brush to dry on its side overnight. It helps if the bristles are sticking out over the edge of a counter or window sill.

Once the brush is thoroughly dry, screw the bottom cartridge back on. Pour in a refill packet first,  or attach a new cartridge if it is time to refill.

After you wash your brush and let it dry thoroughly, there is still the chance of powder encountering a bit of moisture inside the tube. This will cause a clog, but is very easy to fix. Straighten out a large paperclip, and insert it into the tube found in the center of the bristles at the base. This will loosen any clogs and allow the powder to flow once again.