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Article: You Asked, We Listened: New SPF 50 Brush On Block

New SPF 50 Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen

You Asked, We Listened: New SPF 50 Brush On Block

Over the years, some of our customers have asked for an SPF 50 Mineral Powder Sunscreen and we realized that some people, or some situations, call for higher protection. So now, Brush On Block has elevated!

Our new Brush On Block SPF 50 Mineral Powder Sunscreen is translucent…it goes on invisible on nearly all skin tones, just like our original. It features the active ingredients Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays, and it is water resistant for 80 minutes, just like our original. As if 98% protection from UVB rays wasn't enough, we also think you’ll enjoy the new look of our SPF 50 brush--elegant cream and gold, with a little surprise bit of blue!

Who Needs SPF 50 Protection?

As anyone with fair skin will tell you, sometimes they do! If you have skin that burns quickly and find yourself needing to reapply your Brush On Block more often than once every two hours, our new SPF 50 will be a welcome addition!

If you have had a skin cancer scare, or have a family history of skin cancer, SPF 50 is a must for you when outdoors. The more protection you can use, the healthier your skin will be. There really is no down-side!

When Does Everyone Need SPF 50 Protection?

The closer you are to the sun, the more protection you need. This means a couple of things:

  • Closer to the equator (in the tropic zone), you should use SPF 50.
  • At higher elevations, you should use SPF 50.
  • During the peak days of summer, you may want to consider SPF 50 if you are outdoors enjoying the weather.

The other important factor in how much protection you need is reflection. Both snowy surfaces and water reflect a high amounts of UV rays. If you are snowboarding on a sunny day? SPF 50! If you are out on the water in the summer? SPF 50! Which do you think reflects more UV rays, snow or water? Snow wins that one, by a lot…it can reflect up to 90% of UV rays. Water only averages 10%. But even a 10% increase in UV exposure is a good reason to increase your protection!

What Is Great About Brush On Block SPF 50 Mineral Powder Sunscreen?

Like all of our sunscreens, our new SPF 50 powder is made with only non-nano titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the only sunscreen actives that the FDA labels “generally recognized as safe and effective,” or GRASE. This means no banned chemical sunscreen actives that may be harmful to ocean life or your family.

Brush On Block products are PETA-recognized as vegan and cruelty-free, and our newest addition to the line is no exception. This product is also gluten-free.

The formula contains soothing ingredients, antioxidants and emollients, so the effect on your skin is soothing, non-drying and helps prevent the visible signs of sun damage. It also blurs imperfections.

Brush On Block has developed our own, patented self-dispensing brush with an open/close mechanism. This means you can take your sunscreen with you everywhere you go, for fast, easy reapplication that fits in your handbag or pocket.

Our powder sunscreens are also great for sports. If you are sweating, the same rules as being in the water are in effect…reapply every 80 minutes, and immediately if you towel off. But the powder formula won’t run into your eyes when you sweat, so no stinging! And if you participate in a sport where your grip is important, you’ll especially appreciate the lack of greasy, slick hands when you reapply!

All The Same Sunscreen Rules Still Apply

A quick Google search of the benefits of SPF 50 will give you some answers that aren’t necessarily true. Some people claim that with SPF 50, you do not need to reapply as often. The FDA disagrees! All sunscreens are recommended for 2 hours of protection, and so that’s the most you should count on receiving from any sunscreen. In fact, one reason we hesitated on creating an SPF 50 was that we were worried that the higher SPF would give some people a false sense of security, thinking that an SPF 50 would not need to be reapplied as frequently as an SPF 30. ALL sunscreens need to be reapplied every 2 hours when you are in the sun. And if you aren’t in the sun, but applied sunscreen in the morning, spend the rest of the morning inside, and then want to take a walk after lunch? Time to reapply!

And the higher protection number does not mean you can apply less. When applying Brush On Block, please be sure to apply for at least 15 seconds to each half of your face, to your neck, to each arm, etc. It is common knowledge that most people don't apply enough sunscreen, so take the extra couple of minutes to be sure that you are applying thoroughly. Our SPF powders don’t have a heavy or greasy feel, so there’s no reason to not apply generously.

Sunscreen Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Related to that, use common sense with any sunscreen. If you are outdoors in the sun, and your face starts to feel hot, you probably want to reapply, regardless of how long it has been since you last applied. As someone with fair skin, I can personally attest that sitting in the bleachers at a sporting event, or on a beach with no umbrella, I can feel when I need to apply more sunscreen. Let your body be your guide, not the clock. The person next to you with an olive skin tone may not need to reapply yet, but you should reapply it when you feel the need.

Elevate Your Protection This Summer

We’re so happy to bring you our new SPF 50 Mineral Powder Sunscreen, just in time for spring break and the summer ahead. Now you can have all of the things you love about original Brush On Block, but with SPF 50 protection!