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Article: Three Favorite Pumpkin Treats For Your Skin

Brush On Block image of pumpkin skin care mask

Three Favorite Pumpkin Treats For Your Skin

As the weather gets cooler, we look forward to bulky sweaters, warm boots, and everything pumpkin. Whether it's a latte, a moisturizer, or a candle, we can't help but fall in love with everything pumpkin-scented at this time of year. Pumpkin not only smells great, it can be beneficial for your skin. They're packed with a ton of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Here's a list of our favorite way to include pumpkin in your skin care. 

Facial Mask — Packed with zinc, vitamins and antioxidants, pumpkins protect your skin from wrinkles and age spots when used in conjunction with a sunscreen like BRUSH ON BLOCK® Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Create your own mask with 1/4 cup pumpkin and 1 whole egg. Add a few drops of honey for dry skin or a splash of apple cider for oily skin. Apply the pumpkin mask to your face and relax for about 20 minutes. Then rinse to reveal a brighter, firmer, smoother complexion.


Exfoliating Scrub — Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and speeds up cell renewal in order to maintain healthy, glowing skin. You can create your own simple scrub with only a few ingredients that are likely in your pantry already. Combine 1 cup granulated sugar, 1/4 cup coconut oil, 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice, and 2 tsp vanilla extract. It's super easy to make, and the scent is divine. 

Shower Gel — Transform your daily mundane shower into a delightful sensory experience with a pumpkin-scented shower gel. Lather up with a loofah and indulge in the cozy, comforting scent. You can choose from options that include vanilla, cinnamon, apple, and more. 

Pumpkin-scented skin products are a great way to spice up your normal skin care routine. The aroma is synonymous with autumn and provides a certain kind of comfort. Check out some pumpkin-scented products the next time you shop or make your own. Just remember, the most important thing you can do for your skin is to protect it from sun damage with Brush On Block.