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Article: Sunscreen and Tattoos

Woman applying BRUSH ON BLOCK to tattoos.

Sunscreen and Tattoos

Anyone who has a tattoo can tell you, their artist emphasized the importance of proper sun care when discussing post-tattoo care instructions.  Typical care routines include covering the area for up to three months to allow the area to fully heal before exposing it to the sun.  Then, once the area is healed, sunscreen can be gently applied over the area. This post-care instruction is very important not only directly following the ink session, but also in the long run. 

Skin ink pigments are very sensitive to UV rays, especially black colors. When left unprotected, they are at high risk of breaking down under the sun's harsh rays.  This causes the fading to happen more rapidly than if proper measures were taken, such as keeping it covered or wearing sunscreen. 

Getting a tattoo does not increase your likelihood to develop skin cancer, but if you tattoo over a mole, you should take precautions to have that mole checked by a professional more frequently than pre-tattoo. The inks in the tattoo can hide any changes that can become evident with a mole that turns cancerous.

The perfect defense against tattoo fading and protecting both tattooed and non-tattooed skin from skin cancer is BRUSH ON BLOCK® as it does not contain any harsh chemicals. With the active ingredients of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, along with calming herbal extracts, it provides the proper amount of protection of SPF 30.  Unlike chemical sunscreen actives, which must absorb into the skin before going out in the sun, Brush On Block's physical sunscreen has you protected from the moment it touches your skin.