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Article: Sun Protection Tips - Part 1

Man applying Brush On Bloc to bald head, ears.

Sun Protection Tips - Part 1

In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, BRUSH ON BLOCK® is sharing some common-sense Sun Protection Tips. You may have heard these before, but there is a reason they are often repeated...they help keep you safe from skin cancer. (And also visible signs of aging!) 

  1. REAPPLY! You may be applying a moisturizer or foundation with sun protection, but you still need to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours if you are anywhere near the sun. Recent studies show that even mineral sunscreens, that do not degrade like chemical sunscreens, need to be reapplied because they tend get wiped off. Brush On Block makes reapplying as easy as powdering your nose!
  2. LOOK FOR BROAD SPECTRUM. Protect your skin from both UVA (think Aging) and UVB (think Burning) rays with one product that provides protection from both. Hint: if it doesn’t say Broad Spectrum on the packaging, it probably is not.
  3. REMEMBER HANDS, NECK & CHEST. When you’re driving, or sitting outdoors enjoying a coffee with a friend, your face is not the only part of your body soaking up the sun damage. Use Brush On Block on all of your exposed skin.
  4. APPLY GENEROUSLY. There really is no such thing as “you have on too much sunscreen.” You’re better safe than sorry, so apply more than you think you’ll need.

Check back next Tuesday for more Sun Protection Tips!