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Article: Resolve to Reapply

Brush On Block image of woman applying Brush On Block.

Resolve to Reapply

The New Year is the perfect time to create healthy, lasting habits. Revamping everything in your life might seem appealing, but unrealistic expectations often lead to unattainable goals. Whether you want to start an exercise program, tweak your diet or become more mindful, making small changes that you can stick with is the key to success. As you make your New Year's resolutions, be sure to include a commitment to protecting your skin from the sun.

We all know that we should be wearing sunscreen, but since cold weather and snow are synonymous with January, sun protection may not be the first thing on your mind. However, the FDA recommends wearing sunscreen daily, even in the colder months. Although you may be bundled up when you head outdoors, your face is still exposed to the sun. Wearing a moisturizer or makeup with an SPF is a good start, but did you know that it will not protect you all day? Especially if you enjoy outdoor winter activities, reapplying sunscreen every two hours is critical for keeping your skin protected. 

As part of a manageable New Year's resolution, plan to use BRUSH ON BLOCK® Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 every morning when you are getting ready. You can wear it under or over makeup. Keep the handy, portable dispenser in your purse, pocket or car for easy reapplications throughout the day. (And if you're driving, don't forget to brush some on the backs of your hands!) Even if it's cloudy and you are in and out of the house, take a minute to brush on your sunscreen every two hours to ensure you're protected.

Make a resolution to reapply Brush On Block in the New Year. It's the best defense against the sun's harmful rays.