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Article: Best Music Festivals and your Festival Must-Haves

BRUSH ON BLOCK® at Coachella Music Festival

Best Music Festivals and your Festival Must-Haves

Music festivals have boomed in popularity in recent years, mostly taking place during Spring and Summer. With so many festivals out there, it can hard to choose the right one. Since some festivals can be a hit or miss, we went ahead and picked out ten of the best upcoming festivals that you should check out this year!

  1. Coachella Arts and Music Festival - One of the most popular music festivals in the nation, happening each April.
  2. Dimensions Festival - One of Croatia’s most popular music festivals located on one of the country's famous beaches.
  3. Lollapalooza – Based in Chicago and filled with great music.
  4. Electric Daisy Carnival – Best music festival in Las Vegas, consisting of an EDM wonderland and carnival experience.
  5. Austin City Limits Music Festival – A two-weekend festival featuring some of the hottest artists in Zilker Park, Austin, Texas.
  6. Ultra-Music – Miami’s most treasured DJ and music festival, taking place at the end of March.
  7. The Governors Ball Music Festival and Electric Zoo – A New York destination for the best in music on Randall’s Island in New York.
  8. Electric Forest – Based in Michigan, it is known for its majestic lights and alternative music.
  9. Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival – A Tennessee festival featuring artists like Post Malone.
  10. Primavera Sound – If you’re traveling Europe this festival in Spain is very well known for being one of the best in the world.

Since music festivals usually occur in large outdoor spaces, it’s a good idea to pack light so you won't be weighed down but do have the essentials you need. We recommend bringing the following items with you, either in a fanny pack or small backpack.

  1. A poncho – Weather at outdoor festivals can be unpredictable. The events are planned up to a year in advance, meaning no control over the weather the day it happens. Ponchos are great to carry since they are so lightweight and versatile.
  2. Portable phone charger – You won’t be finding any electrical outlets in the grass; at least not yet. Portable phone chargers are cheap and very convenient to carry. Just remember to charge it beforehand!
  3. Sunglasses – The sun rays get stronger every year. Protect your eyes. Also, no one wants to squint at their favorite artists or to send the wrong signal to people by giving them an accidental wink. Whoops!
  4. A sun hat or cap – Dad caps are back in style and provide excellent shade for your face, as long as you wear it correctly and not just as a fashion statement. Beachy sun hats are convenient too.
  5. BRUSH ON BLOCK® Sunscreen – Sunscreen is a must. Dealing with sunburn the day after is worse than a hangover, and can damage your skin long-term. We recommend our Brush On Block sunscreen as it is super convenient to carry and won’t cause a mess in your bag if the cap accidentally comes off. And dare we say it will help keep you from looking like a sweaty mess from the heat. Thank you mineral powder.
  6. A water bottle – Our body is made up mostly of water: hydration is so important. We recommend a stainless-steel bottle as it can keep you water cool for hours on end. You don’t need to drink heated water in the summer. 
  7. Deodorant – No need to go into detail. Just remember other people will be so grateful.
  8. Hand sanitizer – You don’t want to know the number of germs people can carry. Handshakes, hugs, etc. It’s smart to be safe. And if that’s not enough to get you convinced, music festivals equal porta-potties. Don’t be gross.
  9. Emergency first aid kit – Bandages, tissues, gauze, all good things to have! 
  10. Snacks – Because no one wants to end up hangry.
  11. A hoodie or sweater – Be prepared for weather shifts. You can wrap it around your waist as a fashion statement when you don’t need it or use it as a blanket to sit on if you don’t feel like bringing a blanket too.
  12. Something to sit on - Speaking of blankets, if the hoodie doesn’t do it for you, blankets are fun to lay on. If you’re afraid of ants and bugs crawling on you, a foldable chair is the way to go. You might not be able to fit it in a fanny pack, but they are lightweight enough to carry and set down in your spot.
  13. Wallet, ID, and festival tickets – You really don’t want to forget these.

We guarantee that by bringing the right necessities and picking a great festival from the list above, you’ll have a fabulous time! And once again don’t forget, with anything outdoors; sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!