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Article: Beauty Trends for Spring

Brush On Block image of woman with red lipstick and sunglasses in the sunlight

Beauty Trends for Spring

Get excited about the upcoming trends this spring! We have some of the latest and greatest here:

Blue eye liner
Accentuate your eyes and make them pop by adding a bit of cobalt or dark turquoise eye liner just above your lash line. Eye shadow works as well. If you want to try this trend but you’re not usually adventurous with your makeup, try a navy blue eyeliner. It’s similar to the black eyeliner you normally use, but just with a hint of blue.

Bold lipstick
Say goodbye to your nude lipstick and let your lips do the talking instead with vibrant shades of red, pink, and orange. Your lipstick doesn’t have to be bright though; dark colors like plum and even navy blue are making a grungy comeback.

Girly girls everywhere, rejoice! Two trends that were seen on the runway this year were glitter nail polish (ranging from a glitter accent nail, to glitter French manicures) and shimmery, sparkly eye shadow and eyeliners. This look would be great for a fun night out with the girls.

Hair accessories
Whether you like to keep you hair up or down, hair accessories are a great way to make it look like you’ve spent a long time on your hair when you really haven’t. Look for jeweled headbands, big clips, bows, and funky colored bobby pins.

Bold brows
Back away from the tweezers and cancel your next wax appointment easier-going arches that are effortlessly brushed-up and feathery

A well-groomed brow has the amazing ability to frame your face and transform your features

Trends come and go, but healthy skin is always in. No matter what look you’re rocking, make sure you’ve applied Brush On Block SPF 30 as well! This natural, mineral powder sunscreen goes over your makeup like a finishing powder, making it easy to express yourself AND be protected from the sun!