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Article: Convenience is Key!

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Convenience is Key!

We know that convenience is key in your life. Products and technology are created daily to help you simplify your life! Just look at the Roomba, engineers figured out how to create a vacuum that cleans your house and your don’t even have to be home! As far as skincare goes, most people don’t want to spend an extra hour to keep your skin clear.

Wash your face

Wash your face every night to maintain clear skin. This will clear off makeup and any dirt or grease you’ve come in contact with during the day. Use soap and water, try to go for a soap that doesn’t have a bunch of fragrance because the chemicals used can cause skin to break out. Grapefruit is packed with antioxidants and so soaps with grapefruit in them are great for your skin!

Keep it simple

Using a ton of product can be bad for your skin. Strong soaps can strip oils from your face. They can cause more harm to your face. Don’t hurt your face with harsh chemicals, make it better with nutrient and mineral based products.


Moisturizing your face is a must. Even if your face feels oily, it is important to keep your face moisturized. Putting makeup over dry skin will only be worse, try wearing a light moisturizer everyday to make your skin smooth and clear. Try using a heavier cream in the winter and a light moisturizer in the summer.

Change Your Pillowcases

It may sound simple but oil from your hair can get caught on your pillowcase. So to help keep your skin clean and clear, change your pillowcase more often.


Acne can be brought on by stress. Exercising for twenty minutes or more is known to boost endorphins. Exercises such as yoga are known improve stress levels. Listen to some soothing music. Even taking some time each day to take some long breaths can help!

Use Brush On Block!

Brush On Block is a natural mineral sun protection that you simply brush on. With its easy application, you can use it everyday and easily re-apply. You can brush it on under or over her makeup with SPF 30 protection!

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