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Article: 5 Great Outdoor Activities to Do as a Family

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5 Great Outdoor Activities to Do as a Family

The crickets are chirping, the birds are singing, and the sun is shining upon another gorgeous summer day. No, you can’t enjoy the sights and sounds of summer from the comfort of the couch and the AC, so gather up the gang and head outdoors for some serious family fun. To help you kick off the good times, we’ve listed 6 awesome outdoor activities that’ll get the whole family smiling from ear to ear.

  • Bike riding. From Dad all the way down to the littlest one, everyone loves bike riding. It’s comfortable, yet demanding enough of an activity to give those big leg muscles some work. And when you ride as a group, you’ll help teach the family some priceless communication skills.​
  • Hiking & camping. Hit the trails and take the family on a hiking adventure, where everyone can experience the splendor of nature and learn to work as a team. After the hike, most campgrounds have places to swim and play sports, giving the family boundless opportunities to have a blast.
  • Picnics. No planning necessary- when the weather is right, just make a few sandwiches and take the family out to the park for a picnic. Get a little exercise in before the big meal and walk through your local greenway to the perfect picnic spot. 
  • Frisbee. After the meal, get the family moving again with some Frisbee. It’s simple to play, easily fits in your picnic basket, and requires no additional equipment.
  • Fishing. What better way to bond with the family than sitting alongside your favorite people on the pier? It’s incredibly relaxing, and kids of all ages will treasure the victorious feeling of catching a fish for years to come.

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Tell us some of your favorite outdoor family activities in the space below- we’d love to hear from you. Have a safe and happy summer!