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Article: Grandma, What Beautiful Skin You Have!

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Grandma, What Beautiful Skin You Have!

Editor's note: Brush On Block employee Ana Orhanovic has taken a look at how use of skin care products and sunscreen have made a difference for someone she loves. Here is what she has learned.

My grandma is 82 years old. Often when I would be in public with her, people would think she was my mom because of her youthful appearance. At the time, I thought it was fantastic how she looked so young, and thought it was probably genetics. Even though genetic do play a role in aging, after asking her about her lifestyle growing up, I realized there was more to it than just genetics.

My grandma lived in Croatia (and former Yugoslavia) for most of her life, as well as the United States. She described her daily life as one of consistent walks and hikes as well as a healthy diet. My grandma still takes walks and hikes regularly, even at 82 years old. She said her diet consisted of healthy foods but not restricting herself of anything, meaning no crazy diets.

What interested me the most though, was when she described her skincare routine. Ever since she was in her 30s, my grandma would schedule regular cosmetic visits with her cosmetologist. She would focus a lot on her face, from applying treatments and serums, but did not ignore the rest of her body. I remember coming with her and trying a session myself. I got to experience acupuncture, face massages, and many other pampering treatments. I asked my grandma about her skincare routine, and how her skin was so smooth and with very few wrinkles. She said besides her regular cosmetic visits, she would make sure to moisturize daily, and apply SPF every time before heading out. Sunscreen is one of the most important ways to prevent the appearance of aging, and at the time she was growing up, many people her age did not use sunscreen. My grandma was really into science from a young age, and she believed the sun caused skin damage, so she knew the importance of sunscreen early.

Hearing my grandma's story has inspired me to takercare of my skin and wear broad spectrum sunscreen daily--that's one that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. We are so lucky to have natural sunscreen nowadays too, my grandma said the moment natural sunscreen became available, she started using it. I think this also contributed to her youthful appearance.

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