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Brush On Block Diagram

Get to know your brush!

  • Cap - keeps your bristles clean when not in use
  • Slider - slides up over bristles to allow cap to go on
  • Brush Head - powder dispenses through the middle
  • Brush Body - powder flows from the powder reservoir to the brush head through this section
  • Powder Reservoir - stores the powder, but also a partial twist of this area puts the brush in the “open” position
  • Bottom Cap - twist-off cap keeps the powder contained. Only remove to refill the powder reservoir.

Directions for use

Brush On Block is housed in a self-dispensing brush. When you open the brush, the powder flows through a channel inside the brush and out the head of the brush.

When you receive your brush, it will be in the “close” position. Do not twist the very bottom of the brush (below the “window” that you can see the powder through) or your powder will spill! To “open” your brush, twist the portion of the brush that says SPF 30 to the left. When it stops, the brush is “open.” Remove the brush cap and slide the protective sleeve all the way down to uncover the brush bristles.

Hold the brush in your hand and flick your wrist until you see a spot of powder on the tips of the bristles. Apply liberally to face, neck, arms and hands, buffing in a circular motion for at least 15 seconds per small area.

When you are finished, turn the powder cartridge back to the right to “close” the brush, slide up the sleeve over the bristles and replace the brush cap.

Cleaning your brush

All brushes need cleaning sometimes. If you brush seems full, but is not flowing well, it is probably in need of washing.

Your brush may be cleaned with brush cleaner or washed with mild soap or brush shampoo. To clean with brush cleaner, spray a clean paper towel or cloth with 2-4 spritzes of brush cleaner. Make sure your brush is in the “close” position and then gently wipe the bristles on the towel until bristles look clean. Allow brush to air dry.

We recommend that you only wash your brush with soap or brush shampoo when it is time to refill it with more powder, but if you need to wash it while there is still powder in it, pour the powder onto a clean piece of paper or into a clean container. Remove the end cap and set aside. Hold the brush horizontally under running water and wet only the bristles. Apply a small amount of soap in the palm of your other hand, and gently swirl the brush in the soap. Massage the bristles gently, then again hold it under running water, keeping in horizontal, or the bristles pointed downwards. When brush seems rinsed, squeeze bristles to see if more powder or soap remains, water should run clear. Repeat as necessary until the brush is completely clean. Squeeze bristles, then squeeze them inside a dry cloth to remove excess water and allow brush to dry overnight on its side. Once thoroughly dry, pour in remaining powder or refill the brush, then reapply the end cap.

If water gets inside the brush during cleaning, powder may clog inside the brush. This is easy to fix, find the white tube in the center of the bristles and gently poke something inside the tube. (A straightened paper clip works well.) Once the clump is broken up, the brush should dispense as usual. Remember to reapply at least every 2 hours.

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