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Article: Why You Need Sunscreen Even On Snowy Days

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Why You Need Sunscreen Even On Snowy Days

As we approach the official start of winter, some of us may see some (or more) snowfall. If you encounter snow just outside your front door, or on weekend trips to the mountain, there are two very important reasons to remember to wear your Brush On Block® SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen!
1. Ground reflection is a major reason for that "raccoon-eyes" look that many skiers and snowboarders have after a day on the slopes. UV rays scatter and reflect at different levels depending on the surface they are hitting. On snow, UV rays not only hit you on their way down, but reflect off the snow and get you again, increasing your UV exposure up to 80%!
2. The higher up you go, the more thin the atmosphere. Every 1000 meters of altitude increase increases UV levels between 10 and 12%. So at the top of a 3,000 meter mountain, even without the snow, you have in increase in UV radiation of up to 35%. Combine that with a snow-covered surface and you're going to want to reach for your Brush On Block every 2 hours!
3. Cold air may trick you into thinking you don't need sunscreen, but even if the sun isn't shining brightly, the UV rays are still there. Stick a Brush On Block in your pocket and reapply frequently, because that sunburn is not only painful, it also increases your chance of skin cancer down the road. When prevention is as easy as sun protection that you just brush on, there's really no excuse to be unprotected!