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Article: What Exactly is Mineral Sunscreen and Why Should You Use It?

Brush On Block Man with child on shoulders in sunlight

What Exactly is Mineral Sunscreen and Why Should You Use It?

Longer days of sunshine always lead to more outdoor activities. Whether you're playing a sport, enjoying a picnic in the park, or heading to the beach, sunscreen is a must. With skin cancer on the rise, gone are the days of lathering on baby oil to achieve a goddess tan. Instead, most people today are more sun smart. With good intentions, we apply all kinds of chemical sunscreens on our skin to block the sun's harmful rays. Unfortunately, chemical sunscreens get absorbed into our bodies, making us question the long term effects. Luckily, mineral sunscreens like Brush On Block have you covered.

Mineral sunscreens don't get absorbed into your body like regular sunscreens do. They sit on top of your skin and REFLECT the sun's rays, which is healthier for your skin and body. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the two main ingredients you'll find in mineral sunscreen. Brush on Block is a broad spectrum SPF 30 mineral powder sunscreen with no chemical sunscreen ingredients. It's effective, safe, and easy to use.

If you have sensitive or problem skin, you will find mineral sunscreen to be less irritating than chemical sunscreen. Brush On Block is paraben-, PABA- and phthalate-free and goes on translucent so it won't affect your normal skin tone. Thanks to micronized particles, the texture allows for a sheer application. 

Consistent use and reapplication is important to guard against harmful sun exposure. With the portable brush, Brush On Block makes reapplication easy. Just keep one in your bag and one in the car for quick touch-ups during the day. It's great to brush on your scalp and part-line too. If you haven't tried a mineral sunscreen, order Brush On Block for a no-fuss, safe, and practical option.