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Article: Sun Care Q&A with Dermatology NP The Derm Fox

Sun Care Q&A with Dermatology NP The Derm Fox

Sun Care Q&A with Dermatology NP The Derm Fox

It's Skin Cancer Awareness Month - what better a time to learn how to best protect your skin from the sun! We asked a few skin savvy dermatology buffs (who are also Brush On Block® SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen users!) to share their Sun-Smart stories and tips. Read on to see what The Derm Fox, dermatology nurse practitioner had to say!


When did I first become aware of sunscreen importance/daily sunscreen use?: You would think it would be all the times boating, on a trip to Mexico or outside walking, biking, doing yard work at the park with young kids. Really, though, for most of that time I was still so interested in getting “tan” that it didn’t really happen for me until I began my career in dermatology. Only after all of the studying and learning about skin and the effects of ultraviolet radiation, evaluating and treating patients with sun damage, premature aging and skin cancer did I immediately make changes in my daily behaviors.  I started to wear sunscreen all year round. Sunglasses and sun protective clothing became second nature.  If you don’t believe in the cumulative nature of sun damage, find a UV damage light box (or Google images of these) and see how your skin has been affected over the years!


What’s your favorite way to fit sun protection into your daily life?: Finding BRUSH ON BLOCK® has been a game changer for me, my family and friends and my patients. People are very resistant to change and I have had many people argue with me in the office, at events or in social settings explaining to me why they won’t use or don’t see the point of using sunscreen. A lot of time it is due to how sunscreen feels or the inconvenience of wearing it.  I feel like men are the most resistant to this especially since sunscreens are typically in cream forms and I can’t even get them to use a moisturizer on their very dry skin, let alone sunscreen! I have been able to convert more men into being faithful sunscreen users because of Brush On Block.  Brush On Block is so simple to use, easily fits into a purse, golf bag, pocket or glove compartment. I keep a Brush On Block in my car at all times for longer trips and in case I am out and about and need to reapply. One of the best reasons to use powdered sunscreen for your face is you can wear it over makeup and it looks seamless.


Aside from sunscreen, are there any other methods you use to protect yourself from the sun?: I am huge proponent of always wearing a wide brimmed hat if outdoors. When I run, I wear a running hat to protect my scalp and face from the sun. I ALWAYS wear sunglasses (preferably polarized) as you can develop premature aging and skin cancer around the temples and eyelids. Also did you know that you can develop melanoma in the pigmented portion of the eye? I have also incorporated sun protective clothing into my sun protection routine. I have bought some adorable dresses and tunics from Cabana Life and Coolibar that have UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 50 that protect my skin from the damaging ultraviolet light. 


Your top #SunSafe tip:  This is what I tell my patients that golf. The first thing I tell them to do is buy Brush On Block, then to purchase sun protective clothing. Next I tell them to apply their sunscreen about 20 minutes before going out onto the course and then when they reach the 9th hole to reapply their Brush On Block to their face and then their cream or spray to their body.  It takes about two hours to golf nine holes so it is the perfect time to reapply. No matter what the SPF number is, reapplication is every two hours!


Elisa Hanson, The Derm Fox
Instagram: @thedermfox