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Article: How do I know if I'm wearing enough Brush On Block?

How to Apply Brush On Block

How do I know if I'm wearing enough Brush On Block?

This is a pretty common question, so here a couple of tips to help you out! Before you begin applying, let’s make sure your brush is ready to go. Twist the brush open and, leaving the cap on, tap it firmly upside down 3-4 times. This fills the central tube with powder and helps assure its continued flow as you use it. Then, remove the cap, slide down the brush protector, and give the brush a flick with your wrist. You should be able to see a little powder in the brush now. You are ready to apply!

To get a visual for how much product you want, buff your brush on the back of one of your hands, going over it 2-4 times. If you plan on being out in the sun for a while, go for four times, if you’re going to have a more “inside” type of day, two is fine. Compare your two hands, skin against the powder. The powdered hand is how you want your face to look immediately after you apply. Your face won’t stay matte for long since the powder combines with the oils on your face to give you a natural look.

Brush On Block hand test
Image of hand on left with Brush On Block, hand on right with none.

Another guide is to use time of application. If your brush is open and flowing, apply by buffing in a circular motion for at least 15 seconds to each small area of your face. (Maybe right side, left side, forehead and center of face, for example). If you are spending less than 45 seconds applying to your (adult-sized) face, you probably are not applying enough.

If you are applying our powder sunscreen to a child, 30 seconds total is adequate, because their face is smaller. If you do 15 seconds of buffing on each half of the face, the child will be well protected, and conveniently (or not!) our research has shown us that 15 seconds is about the same as singing 2 verses of "Baby Shark." 

Follow the same guidelines for other areas you plan to apply mineral sunscreen...your neck, chest, arms, hands, tops of feet. After a few times, you’ll get the feel for it and be able to tell when you’ve applied enough. And don’t forget, if you’re out in the sun, reapply every two hours!