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Article: Bounce Butter: Made Exclusively for the Body

Bounce Butter SPF 30 Moisturizing Body Mousse

Bounce Butter: Made Exclusively for the Body

By now, most of us are pretty good about wearing sunscreen every day on our faces. We’ve been reminded enough that we do take it seriously. But even in summer, how good are you about daily sunscreen on your body?

When the weather turns warmer and we’re baring more skin, wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy-to-apply sunscreen that moisturizes as it protects? Sort of like applying a body butter after the shower, but instead of applying moisture and fragrance, applying moisture and sun protection? Well dream no more, Brush On Block’s Bounce Butter SPF 30 Moisturizing Mousse for the Body is just that …luxe moisture with broad spectrum, mineral sun protection! And no added fragrance to clash with your favorites.


When you apply Bounce Butter, you will notice an immediate improvement in the look of your skin, not just because it is moisturized, but also because of the patented “covabead crystals” that has a blurring effect, making your skin look more smooth and even. The inclusion of these patented light-reflecting beads makes skin look better from the moment you first apply.

Bounce Butter gets its moisturizing from great ingredients like vitamin E, coconut-derived emollients, hemi-squalane and Sea Buckthorn Oil. Also known as Hippophae Rhamnoides, Sea Buckthorn Oil is a skincare powerhouse--rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids, this oil promotes skin elasticity and may help reduce hyperpigmentation. Used daily, Bounce Butter will moisturize you skin and contribute to an overall healthier appearance.

Bounce Butter also protects from blue light (HEV) exposure, which may seem at first to be a little odd. How much blue light do your arms and legs get from sitting in front of a screen? But remember that the biggest source of blue light is actually the sun, and so it makes sense to have blue light protection for your whole body.

Is it a beach sunscreen or an every day sunscreen?

With the skin care benefits Bounce Butter offers, and the broad spectrum sun protection it provides (which comes from non-nano zinc oxide), it is both! But Brush On Block believes firmly that everyone needs to wear sunscreen every day, so apply it every morning, and then put it in your beach bag or backpack so you can take it on whatever adventure you have planned for the day. You skin will benefit from both the moisture and the sun protection when you are out in the elements.

As you may know, Brush On Block staff gives all of our new products a trial run while they are still in production. Recently a staff member took all of our 2024 new products on a family trip to Hawaii. He returned with high praise for all of the products, but said that his wife loved Bounce Butter because “it feels good going on, it’s not oily, it’s moisturizing, and leaves no white cast.” That’s pretty much the product, in a nutshell!