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Article: Battling Sun Burns: Take Care of Yourself!

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Battling Sun Burns: Take Care of Yourself!

Without proper protection, your skin can burn pretty quickly in the sun. Depending on your skin and the intensity of the sun, you can start to burn after about 20 minutes. Many people attempt to lie out in the sun hoping to get a golden tan but instead walk away looking like a lobster. Despite health warnings about the dangers of UVA and UVB rays, many adults and children get sunburned every year and do not use safe sunscreen. Here are some tips for battling a burn if you get one.

  1. Get out of the sun right away. If you start to notice your skin burning, cover up and try to get indoors.
  2. Take a cool bath or shower to help relieve the pain. Since the burned area will feel hot to the touch, it will feel good to cool off. Apply lotion, preferably with aloe, as soon as you get out to lock in the moisture.
  3. Hydrate. Drink a lot of fluids when you have a sunburn to prevent dehydration. When you have a sunburn, fluid is drawn to the skin's surface and away from the rest of your body. Drink water often over the next 24 hours.
  4. Consider taking NSAIDS to reduce inflammation. If your sunburn is painful, ibuprofen can help to reduce the pain and any swelling.
  5. If your skin blisters, allow it to heal. Blistering means you've gotten a second-degree burn or sun poisoning. Do not try to pop the blisters or you will put yourself at risk for infection. Your skin will naturally heal on its own.
  6. Keep your skin protected as it's healing. Wear comfortable clothing that covers all affected areas. Tightly woven fabrics or clothing with an SPF will keep the rays away from your skin.
  7. Use sun protection. Many people prefer natural mineral based sunscreens that are chemical free and leave no greasy texture. They can be safe for children and safe to use every day.

A sunburn can cause lasting damage to your skin. In addition to premature aging, sun-damaged skin is more at risk for developing skin cancer. Avoid getting burned and protect yourself with Brush On Block. It can be worn under or over makeup and is safe for children and sensitive skin. Brush On Block is a portable, easy to use, broad-spectrum SPF 30 with no chemical sunscreen ingredients. Don't face the day without it!