Throw Your Own Tailgate!

Football season is upon us! While the weather is still nice and the leaves are changing, people across the country are attending football games, both collegiate and professional, to root for their favorite teams. With these games brings tailgating, a way for fans to gather before in celebration of their team. Whether that team is the best or the worst, tailgating allows people to create a community based on tradition and sharing. Tailgating provides ways to meet new people, feel a part of something bigger than just football, and of course, enjoy an array of food and drink.

Throwing a successful tailgate doesn’t require much. As long as you have your friends and family around you are sure to enjoy yourself and have a memorable day. But in case you feel like going above and beyond, we have curated a list of game-day essentials you don’t want to forget to throw everyone’s favorite tailgate pre-party.

  1. Grill (Weber makes one that is easy to transport - perfect for any tailgate situation)
  2. Chairs
  3. Folding table
  4. Large cooler stocked with your favorite beverages
  5. Extra ice (because who wants to drink something lukewarm)
  6. A canopy (maximize shade especially in warmer states)
  7. A speaker (for your favorite sports jams)
  8. A football (why not get a street game going before the real deal?)
  9. BRUSH ON BLOCK® (sunburns still happen in the fall!)
  10. Food, and lots of it

Tailgate culture continues to grow more and more each year as people get elaborate with their spaces and party ideas. No matter the team you root for this season, enjoy time spent with friends and family, new and old alike. Don’t forget, especially as we are enjoying nice weather and as we transition to cloudier days, to protect your skin with Brush On Block!