Sunscreen in the Time of COVID-19

Social distancing (or, more aptly, physical distancing), face masks, hand washing, we’ve heard the drill, we’ve been in quarantine for a few months now. But as summer begins poking her head around the corner, it’s important to remember to stay protected on all fronts.

It’ll be hot, and a face mask might make you sweaty, but as long as COVID-19 continues to infect, it’s important to wear a mask both to protect yourself and to protect others. While it may feel like the mask covers most of your face, thereby also protecting you from the sun, sunscreen is still important. The forehead, tops of cheeks, and upper nose are still exposed when you’re wearing a mask, and no one wants a split face tan, or worse, burn. The thought of mixing sunscreen and sweat together under your already warm mask might seem torturous, but BRUSH ON BLOCK’s mineral powder sunscreen eliminates that problem. Even wearing a mask, your day should start with a full covering of Brush On Block, keeping your skin even and safe.

When applying, don’t forget your ears, neck, and any parts in your hair! Don’t let the straps of the mask leave you with burned ears or stripes on your neck. We have a lot to think about these days, but maintaining a healthy sunscreen practice will leave you and your skin in tip-top shape for when the masks can finally come off!