Stay Healthy with Movement

Our October theme is Stay Healthy: not only are we preparing for the onset of cold and flu season but we have COVID to think about as well. In this first post, we will talk about ways to stay healthy physically.

We’ve already experienced COVID confining us to our houses and as the weather cools, I am not looking forward to being confined inside again. It is important for our health is to find ways to stay active and move. Releasing energy physically can be a huge relief when feeling cooped up. There are plenty of workout apps out there where you can choose intensity level and amount of time and can cater to whatever exercise equipment you have. I, personally, have been using the Nike Training Club app. Many apps have workouts perfect for smaller, inside spaces.

On nicer days, stepping outside is hugely beneficial. I’ve brought my workouts outside. Many people run, but things as simple as walking the dog can help. Fresh air, sun, and some vitamin D are all important for the body. Days may be grayer but finding ways to get outside and making the most of pockets of sunshine will go a long way. When you have a full day of nicer weather, take a big walk or go for a bike ride! And of course, don’t forget your BRUSH ON BLOCK®!