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School's Out Fun in the Sun

Brush On Block image of kids playing in wading pool

School’s out, the kids are home and they're bored. They want you to play with them or to have their friends over, and you don’t want the house to get messy. Try throwing an outdoor yard party with an assortment of games to keep the kids busy all afternoon. Have them suit up, brush on their BOB KIDS SPF 30, and head outside!

Turning on the sprinklers is an easy place to start. The kids can just run through as they wish or, with rotating sprinklers, try to cross the yard without getting wet. Have the kids pair up and give each pair two buckets, one full of water, to place on either end of the yard. Arm each team with sponges and see who can transfer the water from one bucket to the other fastest, without moving either bucket.

Water balloons provide ample outdoor activities. Even filling them up at the hose can be fun! Set up a water balloon toss where each kid takes a step back after each successful catch. Have water balloon races to see which team of two can get their water balloon safely from one side of the yard to the other, carrying the balloon between the two of them without using their hands (try held between tummies, hips, or ears). If your kids are up for it, water balloon fights are a good way to cool down when it gets too warm.

Pick up some pool noodles to create an outdoor obstacle course! Use chopsticks or dowels and a hammer to create pool noodle wickets that can be used for soccer, croquet, and relay races. Hammer the chopsticks or dowels into the ground 30 to 40 inches apart (depending on how tall you want the wickets) and pop a hollow noodle on top. Noodles can also be cut in half, lengthwise, laid out side by side with one end propped up to make race courses for marbles. Bending noodles into rings and duct taping them closed works for ring tosses or to add to the obstacle course.

Get out the chalk to create your own hopscotch down the driveway. If you have small beanbags you can draw big, circle targets on the ground for a beanbag toss. The kids can trace themselves and design new outfits and swimsuits or just doodle as they please.

Now pour yourself an icy beverage, grab a book or magazine and apply your own BRUSH ON BLOCK® Mineral Powder Sunscreen--all you have to do is sit back and relax.