#ProtectYourPout Gift Set Now Available

Looking for a holiday gift for your sister or co-worker (or maybe just for yourself)? BRUSH ON BLOCK® to the rescue! This holiday season, we've created the ultimate way to keep lips smooth, comfortable and protected. The #ProtectYourPout Gift Set contains our Award-Winning Protective Lip Oil SPF 32, a delicious Sugar Lip Polish and a silicone "Pout Prep" tool, tucked inside an adorable cotton canvas makeup bag. With a value of $58, this $40 gift is ideal for anyone who feels the effects of winter on their lips. Just three easy steps to soothed and protected lips!

Our Sugar Lip Polish is made with sugar and natural oils. Apply it to your lips and then gently scrub with a finger or the Pout Prep tool. After most of the sugar has disappeared, wipe away any excess with a damp washcloth. Your lips should feel as smooth as silk. This is beneficial, because not only do your lips feel better, but the oils from later steps are better able to absorb and provide lasting moisture. Use the Sugar Lip Polish 2 or 3 times per week.

On the days you don't use the Sugar Lip Polish, you can still exfoliate your lips with the Pout Prep tool. Use the side with fine, brush-like texture to gently scrub the lips. Apply a thin layer of Protective Lip Oil or a lip balm to ease the process. 

You can plump your lips naturally by using the larger side of the Pout Prep tool. Apply a thin layer of Protective Lip Oil, then massage lips with the tool. After a few seconds, you will feel a slight tingle, which indicates increased blood flow to the lips. The result is naturally fuller lips with increased natural color.

Finally, use our Protective Lip Oil SPF 32 to protect your lips and add a hint of nude color. Our Lip Oil won the 2019 Indie Beauty Innovater Award for Most Innovative Skincare Product of the Year, so you know that it really is something special. This soothing blend of oils and natural mineral sunscreen actives protects your lips from cold, dry weather, and the winter sun that allows 80% of those aging UVA rays to reach your face. It is perfect for everyone, but especially helpful for those who participate in snow-sports! If you want a bit more color, apply your favorite lipstick, and top it off with the protection of Protective Lip Oil!

The #ProtectYourPout set is available for a limited time only, for $40. (Retail value $58.)