Now is not the time to stop!

Through spring and summer, we hope you have gotten into the habit of applying your BRUSH ON BLOCK® Mineral Powder Sunscreen SPF 30 every day. If you have, congratulations, according to science, you have really developed a  habit! Studies have shown that it takes about 2 months, specifically 66 days, to build a habit. And in the case of applying sunscreen, that's a very good thing, because you really should wear sunscreen every day.

We know, you have heard it repeatedly, but is it really necessary to wear sunscreen every day? Who has ever heard of someone getting a sunburn in the middle of winter, unless they were on the ski slopes on a bright day? But according to dermatologists, it isn't the UV rays that cause burning (UVB) that you need to worry about, it is the UVA rays. UVA rays are responsible for most of the visible aging that you notice as you get older. And unfortunately, they can also alter your skin's DNA, leading to skin cancer. About 80% of UV rays penetrate clouds, meaning that every time you step outside or sit by a window, you are subjecting your skin to those damage causing rays, so why wouldn't you want to protect your skin?

Daily application is also important because even if you are inside most of the day, the walk to the mailbox, your car, a quick trip to the grocery store or to a class result in incidental exposure. While it isn't much, sun damage is cumulative and every little bit of exposure is taking a toll on your skin that really adds up over the years.

Now that you are in the habit of applying sunscreen every day, and hopefully carrying it with you to reapply, you should make every effort to keep up that habit. Your skin will thank you for it in the long run!