Meet our Eco-Friendly Refill Packet

Being environmentally responsible is something we take seriously at Brush On Block. That's why our brushes, which are made to last through multiple refills, are refillable. But as much as we love our refills, it has still bothered us that they are single-use plastic. Certainly each time a customer uses a refill, they are saving a brush and the internal mechanism from going into a landfill, but the refill cartridge does still end up in landfills. Instead of just being bothered by it, we decided to do something about it.

Meet our new eco-friendly refill! This little packet is designed to just pour your powder refill into the existing powder cartridge on your brush, and then the empty packet can be tossed into your co-mingled recycling. Not only that, but this package is completely manufactured in the USA, and is so lightweight that it uses a lot less carbon to get from them from our filler to us and from us to you. 

We admit, this new packet isn't perfectly perfect. Pouring the packet into the refill cartridge may seem tricky at first but you can quickly get the hang of it!  And best of all, since we anticipate you might spill a little, we put extra powder in the packet.  Instead of the 3.4g of powder that is found in our traditional refill, this handy new packet contains 4g of powder. 

We have done some initial user testing, and here's what we've learned about how to fill your cartridge:

Put a paper towel, or some sort of paper under your powder cartridge before you begin filling it.

Cut at or below the dotted line n the powder packet.

Put the scissors into the hole to widen it a bit (not too much!) and then align it over the opening of the powder cartridge. Some people like making a funnel out of paper and pouring the powder into the cartridge through that. If you do this, make sure the opening at the bottom of the funnel stays large enough to let the powder through. It should be as large as possible.

Gently tap the curve of the packet to encourage the powder into the cartridge.

If you refilled over a piece of paper and had any spills, just pick up the paper and pour the spilled powder into the cartridge.

We hope you love our new eco-friendly refills, and that eliminating some single-use plastics and reducing carbon emissions makes it worth the little extra effort to use them. But we understand if it doesn't, and so our regular refills are currently still available.