Love Yourself And Your Skin

In a world filled with external pressures, there is no doubt that life can be stressful.  It can be easy to focus on faults, imperfections, and unintentionally let those negatives into daily life.  Sometimes it can be a struggle to pull up your boot straps and think positive, but every so often it is good to remember what you absolutely love about yourself.

Loving yourself inside and out can be easier said than done, but if you start small it isn't quite as daunting. A great way to get started is by turning inward. Paying attention to what you are putting in your body is a small step in the right direction. Simple things like limiting greasy fast foods and introducing more fresh food can improve your skin’s radiant glow, by increasing the carotenoids (the same that creates the vibrant colors of citrus, broccoli and bell peppers) which have an effect on hemoglobin and melanin in the body.  These components work together to provide a luminescent appearance to your skin. A bonus is that the addition of fruits and vegetables to your diet increase your hydration.

Another fantastic way to show yourself some love is by taking care of yourself externally--your skin!  Daily stresses can really take it out of you, but have you thought about what it is doing to your skin? The elements that your skin encounters can be very damaging, from those long drives across town to a run in the park. Daily use of a rich body-specific moisturizer can eliminate or reduce many concerns like dull or flaky skin. When it comes to skin care, the sun is enemy number one!  Even on cloudy days the sun’s harmful rays are bombarding your delicate skin. Wearing sunscreen is the best way to protect your body’s largest organ.

BRUSH ON BLOCK® is the best bag essential for a fast paced life. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman/woman or get caught in the commute, this sunscreen is the perfect pocket companion for men, women and children.  The Broad Spectrum SPF 30 protects you from both UVA and UVB rays while the bristles provide a soft and easy application for all types of skin.

Take good care of your skin and it will reward you with a healthy glow that you'll be proud of and want to show off!