Get the Most out of the End of Your Summer

When summer started, you probably had big plans of great activities in the great outdoors. Now, here we are facing the end of summer, with school looming and vacation time all used up. If you’ve been lying by the pool all summer and taking the dog for easy walks around the block, it’s time to hit up somewhere unique. Grab your sunglasses, BRUSH ON BLOCK® SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen, and a water bottle and get out there!

While the weather is nice is the perfect time for a camping trip! Pick an open weekend or even just a simple overnight and look for a nice camping spot in your state. Make meals a simple affair and load up some sleeping bags. Enjoy being outside and don’t forget to go look at the stars while you’re away from all the light pollution.

I know I’m guilty of finding loads of lovely natural swimming holes at the beginning of the summer and then proceeding to spend the rest of my time at my local swimming pool. With the end of summer in sight, now’s the time to make the trip to those natural pools. Pick somewhere off the beaten path and remember to have a good camera so you can up your Instagram game!

Instead of walking the dog through the neighborhood, load him up in your car and take him for a hike. Look for somewhere dog-friendly so he can sniff to his heart’s content while you enjoy the fresh air. If you don’t have a dog, go anyways! We all have something to gain from exercise in the outdoors.

And the best part of it now being the end of summer is the weather is almost sure to be wonderful and warm, just don’t forget to bring your Brush On Block and stay hydrated!