Brush On Block and Water

How does BRUSH ON BLOCK® Mineral Powder Sunscreen react to water? Doesn’t the powder just come off when I jump in the pool? Will I sweat it all off while I exercise? We have the answers, and Brush On Block has you covered.

In 2011, the FDA announced that sunscreens could no longer claim to be "waterproof" or "sweatproof." Instead, sunscreens can bear one of two different claims, or no claim at all. The allowed claims are "water resistant 40 minutes," and "water resistant 80 minutes." Sunscreens without either one of these claims should not be counted on for sun protection when wet.

Minerals adhere to the skin very well, especially when they are buffed on to the skin, and that's why Brush On Block has been tested to be water resistant for 80 minutes. Use it on the areas you don’t want to get gloopy from cream sunscreens, such as your face, neck, ears, arms, and hands, then reapply after some time spent in the pool. Because Brush On Block contains no chemical sunscreen ingredients, it is reef safe as well if your water time is spent in the ocean rather than a pool. 

As with any sunscreen, towel drying makes a difference. If you towel off after swimming, you are wiping off the sunscreen along with the water, so be sure to reapply your Brush On Block if you use a towel.

What about sweat? Exercising and cream sunscreen can create an unappealing stickiness, but Brush On Block has your back. BOB reacts to sweat just like it does to water: it is resistant to it and doesn’t leave a mess behind. If you’re cycling or playing tennis or golf, the handy brush applicator allows your hands to stay to clean so your grip stays dry.

Buff on some Brush On Block and you’re ready for fun in the sun and a dip in the pool!