Back-to-School Must-Haves

With the start of the school year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about back-to-school shopping. New clothes, school supplies, and of course, BRUSH ON BLOCK®. Here are our favorites:

For your elementary school students, never underestimate the importance of a cute pencil case. Cases that unzip completely into a long zippered string, cases emblazoned with the child’s favorite characters, or cases in the shapes of animals where the zipper opens and closes its mouth are all good bets. And don’t forget to help them fill it with colored pens and pencils.

Sticky notes and brightly colored pens are important for middle schoolers who are now ready to pass notes and sticker each others’ lockers. Birthdays are a fun time to coat friend’s lockers in paper and then decorate it with sweet messages and both pens and sticky notes are needed. Plus, fun pens make taking notes more enjoyable and will encourage your child to pay attention. 

In high school, the importance of a good backpack kicks in. Textbooks, notebooks, binders, and sometimes laptops are being lugged to and from school in earnest now so a nice, high-quality backpack will make all the difference. Sleek and monochrome are popular now and neutral colors match everything and can be spiced up with fun key chains and accented with accessories. But remember to double check that the straps are comfy and well padded.

For college, load up on command hooks and Washi Tape for dorm room decorating. Both are conveniently adhesive without taking the paint off the wall when you remove them at the end of the year. Hooks are nice for hanging photos but also for towels, clothes, and bags. The tape can be used to decorate, making faux picture frames and designs on dorm walls.

And of course, don’t forget fall is the beginning of the sports season. Soccer, football, and cross-country take athletes outdoors, where the sun can still be blazing. Brush On Block SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen, and our newer BOB KIDS are must-haves for all ages, and they fit nicely into pencil cases and backpacks.