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A Skin-Friendly Sunscreen

Brush On Block images of refill, brush, and Touch of Tan

Every time you reach for the sunscreen, you might be worried about how your sensitive skin will respond to it. Allergic reactions, irritation, and break outs are a few of the ways your skin might react to harsh chemical ingredients. Unfortunately, many of the products available today, contain these ingredients. But, that doesn't mean you have to buy them. White, sticky, chemical sunscreens are no longer your only option; If you're looking for a skin-friendly sunscreen alternative, try a mineral powder sunscreen.

Brush on Block® is made with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, so it's the best natural sunscreen for sensitive skin. These finely-milled minerals, along with botanicals and antioxidants, provide a broad spectrum SPF 30 with no chemical sunscreen ingredients. Brush on Block is also paraben-, PABA-, and phthalate-free, so you can brush it on without worry.

While we can't avoid the sun completely, we can choose the right sunscreen for ourselves and our family. Brush on Block is not only great for sensitive skin, it is safe to use on children ages six months and older. Since Brush on Block goes on translucent, it won't affect your normal skin tone or be visible on your kids. The portable on-the-go brush provides easy application for everyone in the family.

Don't spend another day using chemical-laden sunscreen when you have a safer and healthier alternative. Brush on Block will change the way you use sunscreen and your skin will thank you. Try Brush on Block today!

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